„Sharing joy is a win-win situation. It is equally satisfying for both customer and tailor to share the joy when a piece has been completed- and the connection has been made with the customer.“

Experience and Enjoy

Our customers are fully integrated in every step of the creative process (first briefing, a minimum of 3 fittings) resulting in the experience of all implementation stages step by step. This creates not only a deeper bond with the piece itself, but also with the person who makes it. Positive emotions such as pride (when you visualize yourself in a custom-tailored piece) or relief (each and every problem zone can be concealed) go hand in hand with personal appreciation (clients are taken seriously and their wishes are accordingly reconized) and the acting-out of creativity (inspiration of own ideas and visions).

Both, the atmosphere and the product invite you to relax. The salon itself is a sanctuary, in which, upon arrival, the customer leaves everything negative behind and can be oneself in an upscale, informal, understanding and intimate atmosphere. Thanks to individual appointments each and every customer is given full attention. No matter what concern brings you to us, you will always leave with a solution or at least with an approach to a solution, and a positive perspective.

In addition it is our goal

  • to increase awareness for custom-tailoring and couture on a regional and national scale
  • to demonstrate the quality characteristics between pure design, ready-to-wear clothing and the art of customized tailoring to a wide target audience
  • to help the Vienna Couture rise again to its original glory of 2 decades ago.