„With pride we can say: Once you have worn a tailored Façon IK piece,
it’s all you will ever want to wear again.“

For more than sixty years, the Atelier at the Gustav Klimt House is one of the best best place for custom tailoring in Vienna. The Atelier was founded by Henriette Motzko, who was a graduate of the first master class at the prestigious fashion school Hetzendorf. Along with Fred Adlmüller she ensured that the fine art of tailoring gained a foothold in Vienna in the years immediately after the second world war.

As tribute to her mentor, Ingeborg Köberl traditionally continued to use the company’s name as well as the logo even after the takeover in 1986. It was not until their 25th anniversary that the visual appearance of the Maison de Couture was changed to its present-day look.

Being a perfect top of the line 21st century workshop the salon equally combines tradition, competence and innovation. Tradition has been preserved throughout the traditional craftsmanship that is has used and passed on, as well as the salon’s atmosphere. Competence has been proven through numerous awards the salon’s work has received and many competitions it has won. Innovation is our every day routine. Continuous training ensures the flawless execution of new combinations and processing techniques.

DFaçon IK is characterized by its (timeless-)elegant, classy and perfect fit. The ability to patiently empathize and consult adds a very personal touch when it comes to ensuring that all customer needs are met and individual the facets of each figure are brought out.