„A made-to-measure outfit. Unique comfort that guarantees the ultimate freedom of movement while maintaining a perfect fit.“

Clothing is a vital factor that reflects, controls and influences our mood to a great deal, it is an expression of our personality and determines how we are perceived in society. It is like a second skin that is supposed to make us feel comfortable and ideally fits like a glove.

No matter whether you are a young lady or grand dame, if christening robe, business suit, coat or evening gown, we make sure that all your individual ideas, imaginations and wishes will be cared for with rigor, precision and diligence. We guarantee an optimal fit for every size and physique.

Custom master pieces in the traditions of English or French craftsmanship at the highest level ensure through their long-lasting quality, that your clothing is appropriate for any occasion and brings out the best in you and reflects your personality accordingly for each and every opportunity.

Façon iK

  • sketch, design, pattern
  • material (fabrics/accessories) – selection and procurement
  • 3 fittings
  • custom processing and production

Offer Details

  • model dress
  • sheath dress
  • jacket dress
  • cocktail dress
  • evening dress
  • evening gown
  • wedding dress
  • Chanel suit
  • English suit
  • deux pièces
  • business suit
  • coat
  • blazer
  • French jacket
  • French blouse
  • shirt blouse
  • Oberteil
  • top
  • evening top
  • corsage
  • shirt (t-shirt, polo shirt)
  • pencil skirt
  • skirt wide fit
  • skirt long
  • pleated skirt
  • trousers
  • sleeveless jacket
  • short petticoat
  • long petticoat
  • undergarment
  • and much more