„We regard it as an achievement when our apprentices enjoy learning and win competitions in their field on a regular basis.“

Ingeborg Köberl is the winner of numerous awards for her commitment to apprenticeships. She also is a member of the Commission for the final exam for Master Tailors.

As Viennese Master Tailor it is very important to me to retain this wonderful tradition in my hometown. In general I strive to maintain this valuable creative profession even in the industrial age and to preserve it for future generations with perfection and quality. Moreover, I feel it is particularily socially important, even more in a time of increasing technology and industrialization to show and communicate the value of manual craftmanship (which in its entirety cannot be done by any machine).

My particular focus is the training and education of young people. My personal interest is to pass on the fine art of traditional tailoring to future generations and thus secure its further existence, with all its quality features, manufacturing techniques and demanding requirements.

In order to promote their creativity and deepen their expertise, our apprentices work on many pieces early on, completing tasks that are above and beyond their regular curriculum. This way their need for improvement can be easily identified and deficiencies or insecurities can be noticed immediately and eliminated. What we get back are satisfied, highly motivated staff members who are well prepared to cope with complex tasks independently.

To all those who are interested, talented and feel joy for this wonderful, beautiful and creative craftsmanship we continually offer the opportunity of work placements and open-door days.
Young people with disabilities are welcome as well (I have a son with special needs myself).

Verliehen von der Wirtschaftskammer Wien, Dezember 2014